Media Training

Media Training Workshops

We tell your story using media relations strategies and marketing tools for the Internet. Knowing how to interact with the media will go a long way in influencing the media to tell your story and build a mutually beneficial partnership.

We offer half-day or full-day seminars teaching your organization about media relations. After thoroughly researching your organization, Sound Strategy Communications can offer up three interactive sessions:

1. Reactive Media Relations (when the news media approaches you) 
2. Proactive Media Relations (when you approach the news media) 
3. Interactive Media Relations (where you get involved; practicing simulated on-camera interviews)

We Bring the Studio to You!

What our clients love about our media relations training sessions is we bring the "studio" to them, and we will do the same for your organization. Complete with a lighting kit, lavalier microphones (clip-on mics) and real-life media scrum and studio scenarios, you will be prepared for when the media interviews you for real.
One on one media training





One-on-One Media Training

We are often called upon to help train leaders of organizations who are great at giving speeches in front of hundreds of people, but freeze at the thought of speaking to the media. We can help your fearless leader to become fearless with the media.