Sometimes the best way to tell your story is to have the media tell it for you. That's publicity! As former senior anchors, reporters and producers, we know how to craft story ideas and pitch them to any editor. 

We are often asked 'how can our organization get the media interested in what we do?'

Answer: Give them a great story!
Sound Strategy Publicity
We will show you real-life case studies where the media were engaged to cover stories we pitched and how to apply those best practices to your organization. See how the media got a great story and how we got our clients' messages to the public while meeting some key communications objectives. Our publicity campaigns can be tailored to your needs and rolled out locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Publicity Essentials:

  • Strategize publicity campaigns to increase awareness of your organization, shift public opinion, or increase sales of your product or service
  • Create media events that attract positive coverage
  • Craft compelling media releases that showcases the news "hook" about your organization
  • Pitch your story to the toughest editor
  • Connect with reporters and producers eager to hear about a great story about your organization
  • Provide crisis communications strategies to help your organization respond to negative media