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Anchored in pure tried-and-true experience, plus a commitment to excellence in communications, we work (really!) hard to ensure the strategies, tools, and tactics we create for your business get results, backed up with comprehensive measurement metrics, so you see what’s working and who’s paying attention. We’re also great listeners, and we’d love to hear from you!

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Communications Strategy

We work with your business to craft impactful communications strategies - Sound Strategy Communications Ltd. - www. soundstrategy.caYour business needs to tell people about a product or service, or your organization must influence the public to take a certain call-to-action, but you or your team don’t know where to start, how to finish, and how to determine if it will all be worthwhile. Anchored in pure tried-and-true experience, complemented with recognized leading communications and content education and programs, plus a commitment to excellence in communications, we can work with you to develop a communications plan that supports your objectives, created with understood benchmarks or identifiable key performance indicators (KPIs).

Editing, Proofreading, and Writing

We offer editing, proofreading, and writing services - www.soundstrategy.caBefore thoughts become things, they are typically communicated as ideas, written down more descriptively “on paper”. Whether you want us to proofread or edit your documents for creative or technical prose, or need us to draft reports, web copy, whitepapers (and more!) from scratch, we’re “word nerds” with the experience and the formal training ready to serve your business.

Executive and Leadership Counsel

We provide executive counsel we you need it most - Sound Strategy Communications Ltd. - www.soundstrategy.caWhile telling your story is extremely worthwhile, there are times when it’s not always easy. We’ve been there. We understand how intense public scrutiny of your business can disrupt your operations, harm your internal culture, and erode trust with the people that matter most. We’ve worked with leaders and their companies to successfully navigate challenging internal and external communication scenarios. Contact us, we can help. The first 15 minutes of the first call is always free.


We create effective publicity campaigns to tell the story of your business. Sound Strategy Communications - www.soundstrategy.caOne of the most resourceful strategies to significantly amplify the story of your business is through publicity. Working with the media through their traditional and social channels of communication, we’ve built relationships in the media to create mutually beneficial story sharing mechanisms that serve our clients’ storytelling objectives. Publicity can yield tremendous results, but it’s tricky space where one wrong step can create unintended negative results. We’ve worked extensively in the most senior roles on both sides of the PR and editorial continuum, knowing exactly where the sweet spots are to get your story covered positively by the media.