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Content Strategy

We create content strategies - Sound Strategy Communications Ltd. www.soundstrategy.caTelling a great story will connect you to the people that matter the most to the growth of your business, but understanding “why” and “how”, and measuring success are as equally as important as creating the storytelling content itself. Crafting a comprehensive content plan, we will work with you to understand your business and your goals, aligning them to a return on investment (ROI) structure for your storytelling.

Business Books

We create effective publicity campaigns to tell the story of your business. Sound Strategy Communications - www.soundstrategy.caHave you ever wanted to write a book about your business or organization? Are you a leader wanting to give back and codify your hard-earned lessons learned for future generations? We can work with you to make your business book a reality and a valuable resource for anyone who reads it. We will work with you to develop an outline, conduct in-depth interviews with you and others, get the essential research done or teach you how to, and we'll also connect you with the right people in the publishing industry to get your book published.

Training Content

We produce traning content for your business - Sound Strategy Communications Ltd. www. soundstrategy.caWorking with an established network of training educators, we produce meaningful and measured content curriculum that effectively trains the people that matter the most to your business. Specializing in producing online video courses with professional-grade gear and industry-standard software, we complement the service with communication tools for download to reinforce learning.


We can create impactful newsletters for your business, both online and in print.Online newsletters serve as an efficient aggregator for your repurposed content with content ideas we’ve shared throughout our website. Online newsletters can also seamlessly integrate into your website and other online communication tools, and they produce remarkably insightful data to show you who’s reading what, where, and when. We also consider ourselves “platform geeks” and can work with just about any online newsletter you’d like.

Live Streaming

We can help you produce and distribute your podcasts!From your location or ours, we can create the LIVE show experience to connect you in realtime to your customers and stakeholders around the world. Interview guests live or live-to-tape. Include video features that we can produce for you or incorporate content you've already produced. We use professional grade gear with the latest digital platforms and technology, all broadcast from your social media channels. As experienced television broadcasters, we can also train you and your teams to look and sound your best "on-air".

Video Storytelling

We produce blogs and vlogs for your business - Sound Strategy Communications Ltd. - www.soundstrategy.caAlmost infinite research shows video storytelling remains one of the most impactful tools to reach the people that matter the most to your business. Through stunning visuals, attentive audio, crisp copy, and professional production, we’ve worked with many organizations to capture their story through the immense power of video storytelling. As added value, we’ll also work with you to show you how to maximize your video storytelling content with our Purpose is to Repurpose content plan, so you can distribute your story across your internal and external channels of communication.